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“The networking opportunities and connections I made this summer will help me long after I go back to school, and that’s something that you can’t learn- it’s something you have to work to experience.”

The lessons we received about insurance specific topics were especially helpful. Even though I was familiar with a lot of the concepts from prior classes, [IPDP] will make a huge impact on how I understand the industry going forward."

Learning about business in my classes is one thing, but being able to take that knowledge and actually apply it is a whole other thing ... I am excited to take the skills that I have learned this summer and apply them to my future career.

The amazing staff and tight-knit, enjoyable work environment created an atmosphere that that helped me develop new skills that I know I will use throughout the rest of my career ... with hard work and dedication, your time here will pay off beyond belief.

Throughout this program I learned a whole lot about myself and the business world. After looking back to day one and where I am now I’ve noticed progress in myself and that makes me proud ... I can’t wait to see how this opportunity I was given will end up benefiting me in the long run.”

This summer at Zeiler seemed to fly by! With the knowledge I’ve gained and connections I’ve made, I’m now considering getting licensed to write Property and Casualty Insurance when I get back to school. I can’t wait to get back to school and brag to my friends about how much fun I had with my internship this summer while they were interning elsewhere making coffee runs for their bosses.